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Yes You Can

Published by in Blog on May 30th, 2011

This post is going to be straight to the point. No matter what your goals are, no matter what you desires are, nobody can stop you from achieving them except you. Not your parents, family members, or friends!! You!!

It is up to you to follow through with your goals. If you dream it, you can achieve it. But from there it is up to you to due whatever is necessary to go after those dreams. If it requires additional schooling, mentoring from a person who may have already accomplished what you are after, life coaching to give you that extra motivation, whatever…..you do it.

Too many people out there have some awesome goals and desires! I mean some really great ideas but then they all fall flat because they didn’t believe in themselves or let their friends and family talk them out of it. You have to listen to yourself and less what others think. Do you know how many times I have listened to people complain to their family members, boyfriends, friends, about success taking education or money to reach their goals? Way too many times! Yes, some things do require more education, but not all. Most goals do not require you to have a degree. Did you know there are more multi-millionaires in this country that have no college degree let alone college experience? There are more without degrees or a full four years of high school then there are with.

Yes, some things do require money to get things going, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your money. If you believe in yourself things will always fall into place for your goals to manifest themselves. If money is needed then a source will reveal itself. Don’t let others tell you any different.

For now, I want you to start stating to yourself every time you or somebody else doubts your desires and goals. State, I Am giving expression to my perfect divine potential now. Keep saying that until the negative thought in your mind disappears. Believe it!

Keep on believing in yourself, and by doing so everything you want out of life will manifest. You were born a winner, a success, a person who is abundantly provided for and nobody can take that away from you.

Until next time, be safe, healthy, and prosperous.

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