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Why Most Prayers Fail

Published by in Blog on June 2nd, 2011

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in a tight spot and you needed a resolution fast? So you turn to God and say a prayer hoping that he answers it? I know I have and I’m almost 100% sure most everybody else has too! Was your prayer answered? In times like these when I stated a prayer in an urgent situation I never got answers to my prayers and I bet most of you didn’t either! Do you know why?

When most people pray, they’re usually turning to God to get them out of whatever is causing stress at that time. Not all, but a lot of people only turn to God when they have a sticky situation to deal with. But when everything is cool they tend to forget about him. Does this sound familiar? I know I have been guilty of this in the past! This is one reason why prayers fail. You have to always honor God. Not just when it’s convenient for you….but all the time.

Next, when people usually pray they tend to say their prayers in a manipulative manner. For example, they might say ” Please God, if you cure Aunt Betty’s cancer I promise to go to church every Sunday!” You cannot state your prayers in a manipulative way. First off, your not fooling anybody regarding your new commitment to Sunday church and second, your acting in a way that displays doubt. If you pray in doubt then why should you receive whatever it is your praying for in the first place if you feel like it probably won’t happy anyway?

Third, when people pray they tend to focus too much on the negatives. For example, a prayer like this might state, ” God, I’m praying to you in order to improve our financial lack and my bad health. Everyday I have back pain, no money, and it seems like the situation is getting worse.” Usually, prayers like this go on and on about their difficulties and they fail to state anything positive. With God, there is only abundance and perfect health. The divine spirit heals my body and wealth is showered upon me now. If you state things like this you are creating a more positive prayer statement and eventually it will sink into your subconscious mind and God will manifest those prayer statements.

I think you know what I’m getting at here. You have to always include God or your higher self in everyday activities. You can’t pray or depend on God only when it’s good for you. Each day when you wake up you should be thanking God for everything that you do have right now. And by practicing gratitude and positive prayer statements you will see things change in your life for the better.

Below is an example of what positive prayers, or spiritual treatments as others refer to them, should look like. Feel free to use this and if you have any questions or would like examples of positive prayer statements for other issues please contact me.

Have a wonderful, prosperous day!

God is All, both visible and invisible
One presence, one mind, one power is all
This One, that is all, is perfect life,
Perfect love and perfect substance.
I Am an individualized expression of God,
Ever one with this perfect life,
Perfect love and perfect substance.
Thank you, God, and so it is.

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