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What Employee Time Clock is the Right One for You?

Published by in Blog on October 18th, 2012

Companies today are challenged by employee and management communication around everyday occurrences such as requesting and approving time off for a family event, identifying extra work shifts available, and even capturing service-related job information like tips received. Time clocks are used to track employee time and labor factors and much more, for much less money along with much faster installation time and quicker training.

One time clock that is getting a lot of hype is the IDpunch 9. This time recorder is an easy-to-use time clock that employees use to punch In or Out and enter other time tracking information. Available with bar code or magnetic stripe readers, employees simply swipe their badge and go. Supervisors have labor management functions available right at the time clocks station and makes tracking employees and reporting much easier.

Other features the IDpunch 9 time clock provides is:

* Reviewing pay period work hours
* Previewing work schedules
* Reviewing vacation, sick time, and other time off bank balances
* Submitting a vacation request
* Entering tips when applicable, for example, wait staff or other service employees
* Transferring to a different department

If you want a time clock that makes your business life easier than I suggest looking at the IDpunch 9.

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