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Treat Everyday Like Thanksgiving

Published by in Blog on November 23rd, 2011

Most people wait until the holidays, like Thanksgiving, to state the things they are grateful for. If we all took the time to treat everyday like Thanksgiving we would see our lives become a much more positive experience.


Use all five sense when giving thanks. For example, walking into your house after work and your spouse has a nice Yankee Candle apple cinnamon scented candle burning. I absolutely love that scent as it reminds me of the magic the holidays bring. Be thankful for that! Be grateful for your eye sight and that you get to witness all the beauty that is everywhere. Start giving thanks for your friends that have always supported and loved you.

Teach your kids what Gratitude is and how to give thanks each day for the blessing in their lives. By teaching our young ones what Gratitude is and how to demonstrate it everyday we are building a very bright future for them.

Be Grateful for Family

Start treating everyday as if its Thanksgiving! Dont wait for this once a year holiday to roll around to show your gratitude. Start the day with five things you are grateful for. Use all five senses when writing your gratitude list and you will be surprised how many more blessings are in your life. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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