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Three Facts to Consider When Buying Car Hire Insurance

Published by in Blog on July 10th, 2012

Three things to consider when buying hire car excess insurance

For those planning a holiday this summer or looking to hire a car for a short trip away, there are many things which need to be considered. Whilst checking the validity and cost of the hire firm is likely to be high on the list of priorities, it is not the only thing which you need to do.

In fact, there are many things to consider when planning hiring a car and buying car hire insurance is one of these. This is a policy designed to provide additional protection to cover any gaps in the insurance offered by the hire firm, but what should you consider when obtaining it?

1. The cover

The first thing you need to consider is the type of cover which is offered. As with all insurance policies, the type of protection provided will vary between insurers so it is vital that you consider this aspect carefully.

Car hire excess insurance will typically cover damages to the vehicle but it is important that you check whether smaller components, such as the windscreen, tyres and underbody, are covered as well.

2. The price

This is often the most important consideration for shoppers and completing an online comparison is a great way to find the best deal. Remember that you should never sacrifice the quality of the product or cover simply for the price but should strive to obtain value for money instead.

This means combining the right level of cover with the right price. Car hire excess insurance is reasonably priced and reputable insurers will offer a clear and fair explanation of their costs.

3. The length

Whilst many people feel that this form of insurance is only available as one-off cover, some insurers may also offer annual cover for those who intend to use this service more often. This is something which you should consider carefully as naturally the cost of cover will differ depending on the length of time it covers. Always consider whether there are any exclusions to your policy before purchasing.

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