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Thoughts Become Things

Published by in Blog on June 10th, 2011

Thoughts become things is a very clear message to all of us! When we were created in the womb, God gave us the best gift of all…..our mind and the ability to think. This is the most powerful gift a human being can possibly acquire.

Take a moment and let all of this sink in. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and do a quick scan over the last few years and think about how and why certain things have come into your life. For example, think of certain situations like finances or health. Did you come into a better paying job, or did you receive some extra money from an unexpected source? Did your health improve over the last few years or deteriorate? Why did these things take place. When you really think about it, your thoughts were responsible for the increase or decrease in finances and your improved health or bad health.

Somewhere deep within your mind, whether you pay attention to your thoughts or not, we all think thousands of thoughts each day. Some you are aware of and some your are not. But to make a long story short, in the back of your mind, if you dwell on thoughts of financial lack eventually your thoughts will send back experiences and situations that reflect financial lack. If you think about wealth and having more money, eventually you will experience an increase in money. Same goes for your health. If your constantly worried about having a heart attack or being struck with a disease eventually you will experience something similar to these thoughts. That’s why it’s very wise to start correcting your thought patterns and become more aware of what you think about.

Like I said above, when you were given life, the most powerful feature within you is your mind and the ability to think. By thinking thoughts of prosperity, wealth, success, perfect health, love and joy, eventually your life will reflect back all these positive thoughts as reality. By dwelling on lack, poverty, worry, disease, anger, and so on, you will eventually experience those realities.

So start now by watching your thoughts very carefully. By doing so you will start to see change little by little. The more you let your new, positive thoughts sink into your subconscious mind, the faster those thoughts will become your new life.

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