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Think Success and Receive Success

Published by in Blog on June 1st, 2011

If you think success you will have success. Lets say for example you have a big meeting and you find yourself nervous before your appointment rolls around. To be nervous and expecting the worse will only bring about results that reflect that type of thinking. To go into meetings with thoughts of success, confidence, and a genuine care for the client or potential client your about to meet with will secure successful results.

You have to always maintain thoughts of success in every way if you plan on achieving successful results. You cant expect to achieve your goals if the only thoughts you think are centered around failure. Look at it this way, since the universe or your higher self cannot fail, then you cannot fail. By realizing this as truth, your success is ensured.

Before big meetings, take an extra five to ten minutes and go into a quiet place and close your eyes and think thoughts of success. Think about every successful detail of this meeting. See yourself walking into that meeting with the utmost confidence. Envision yourself with excitement! See yourself completely securing the big deal. By doing so, you will get those results in return.

The next time you have a big meeting and you feel a little nervous or a little anxious about it, take a few minutes to envision how you want your meeting to go and every other success achievement you set your sights on and I promise that everything will fall into place.


Until next time, be peaceful, prosperous and healthy!

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