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The Prosperous ” I Am ”

Published by in Blog on May 24th, 2011

A lot of people today struggle with their jobs, have a tough time paying their financial obligations, have record high stress levels, and have a very difficult time staying happy. Who could blame them with the job markets still in a decline, or the way money seems so scarce these days. When people have to deal with hard times of struggle it’s very easy to lose sight of the true you and all the happiness and joy you once had.

This is when you have to realize that if you dig really deep within yourself there are answers to all these struggles. Instead of dwelling on the negatives it’s much more beneficial to focus thoughts on the positives. But before one can do that they have to realize a few things first. Now I know your probably saying, ” how can I focus on positives when I don’t have a job, I have no money, my health isn’t the greatest, and I’m about to lose my home?” I hear ya, believe me, I do!However, there’s something inside of you that can turn all of this around and can help eliminate all of these issues one by one if you let it.

Deep inside all of us is a power so strong that if you truly believe in it there is nothing you cannot do, be, or have. This power is so strong that if you put your complete faith in it you will become so overwhelmed by peacefulness that all your stresses will seem like a thing of the past. That power is the ” I Am ” in you. The ” I Am ” is your infinite answering mechanism. Your higher self if you will. And by recognizing this there is nothing that you can’t accomplish.

With all the issues your going through at the present moment, you’ve probably asked yourself more than a dozen times questions like these: ” Why don’t I ever have enough money?” ” Why can’t I find a job?” ” Why can’t I be healthy?” Do these questions sound familiar? I bet they do. The problem with these questions that you ask yourself is that they represent two things. One, they represent fear and worry, and two, they represent your circumstances in the future. They basically tell your higher self that this is what you want more of so please give it to me. For example, if your constantly struggling with money and you keep saying ” Why don’t I ever have enough money in my account?” this is basically telling the universe or higher self that you don’t have money, you never have money, and keep placing me into these type of circumstances. The more you keep worrying about not having money and keep stating these questions the more your going to have of it.

You need to reverse your approach and reconstruct these questions into a more positive approach along with making your desired outcome a fact of the present. For example, instead of saying ” Why don’t I ever have enough money in my accounts?” you would change that to ” Why am I always experiencing plenty of money now in my bank accounts?” Instead of saying ” Why can’t i find a job that pays well?” you would change that to ” Why am I fortunate now, to be working a job I love and that pays very well?” By asking questions that are called ” Right Questions ” you begin to tell your higher self that these are the things you desire and these circumstances are in your present reality. Your higher self has no choice to accept these ” right questions ” and make them a true reality for you. Make sure to always have the word ” now ” in your right question. If you reverse your normal questioning to ” right questioning ” you will see very quick improvement in your current conditions. But you have to stay consistent with this and you have to feel it as if it were true now. I promise they have worked for myself and tons of other people and they will work for you too!

I came across this powerful and effective exercise through the Reverend John W. Adams and let me tell you, they work!!! If you’re not one that considers themselves religious that is OK. Not everybody is. But the fact of the matter is everyone has a higher self deep within themselves and if they start to use this power you can sculpt the life of your dreams.

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