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The Law of Attraction is Real

Published by in Blog on September 26th, 2011

Are you looking for proof that the Law of Attraction is real? Perhaps you are wondering why the things you want is not yet visible? Maybe you’re losing faith in the power of the universe and the Law of Attraction …. Do not be afraid! This will help!

When it comes to seeing the results using the law of attraction, they often think it will be easy! We ask, we believe and receive. But it’s not always that easy.

I know when I got started with the law of attraction I expected my results to start climbing rapidly and my results would manifest in record time. That was not the case.

When using the law of attraction, as we move toward our desires, limiting beliefs usually pop up and stick in our heads. Before we can move closer to our goals and desires these beliefs need to be released. People usually will see few results at the start and this leads to the loss of faith in the law of attraction and from there they give up. These frustrations are the most important time to keep going, it’s the time when keeping the faith is crucial. Frustration with your current situation is the way the universe is telling you you are ready for change. It’s your body’s way of saying you are ready to make progress.

As you move toward your desires in life, some times you may hit plateaus, but hang in there as this is the way you start to learn how to move through obstacles. Every little obstacle presents a learning experience with an opportunity behind it. You have to look for it but it will be there.

Treat your time as a time for introspection, a time update, enjoy life! As you do this every time you move forward and upward, you will become stronger and stronger, your faith in the law of attraction will change your belief system. The key to speeding up the law of attraction manifestation process is to feel as if you already have the desire your after. If it’s more wealth you want, then you have to feel wealthy right now. You have to see abundance all around you.

Stay focused on your dreams and desires. Have faith and be inspired to take action. The universe loves when people help themselves. Every small step of action you take will become bigger steps through the universe and will eventually get you to where you want to go quicker. The law of attraction is true, I can promise you this. I hit a few walls in my life, but continued on my path in life which I am so grateful. All your dreams can come true.

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