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The Fastest Way to Goal Achievement

Published by in Blog on August 5th, 2011

What if I told you that you could speed up goal achievement faster than you have ever imagined? Would you listen? Sure you would!!!

Everybody has goals and for the most part, most people write them down or think about each goal. But usually that’s all that takes place. They generally leave the goals as thought or they write the specific goal down without any more effort applied. One more ingredient is needed if you want to see these goals manifest much quicker.

Goal achievement
must be very thorough! If you want to see your goals manifest much faster you have to write down every single goal you want to achieve in life. It doesn’t matter how small or big the goal is or how many there are. You can have 5,000 goals or 2, it doesn’t make a difference. In addition to writing down the goal, you must list reasons for every single goal as to why that goal would make your life more fulfilling. And if you really want to add to the speed of goal achievement, cut out a picture that represents that goal and paste it with your reason. By adding visual to your goals, your subconscious mind starts to see the goal on a regular basis when you review your journal and it starts to be recorded deep within your mind. This is huge!!!!

When anything gets recorded into your subconscious mind on a regular basis, it is the duty of the subconscious to make these recordings manifest into your reality. This applies to everything, especially your goals.

Start today! Create a goal journal and be very thorough why this goal achievement would add to your quality of lie. Add pictures to them and be sure to review them at least a couple times per day. You will start creating a life that you never thought was possible.

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