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Start Using Your Thoughts & Inner Guidance System

Published by in Blog on November 7th, 2011

Did you know when we were born that we were blessed with two very important features? When you stop listening to what other people feel is best for you and put into practice the use of these two gifts, you will start realizing that you hold the key to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The Key to Life

The first gift is your mind and it’s ability to think thoughts. You have the ability to think thoughts about anything. When it pertains to living the life of your dreams, your mind allows you to fantasize about achieving those desires with strong power, casting out these wonderful thoughts to the universe. Sometimes though, the people we hang out with or love get in the way. You’ve heard the sayings, ” You have to be born into wealth ” and ” we’re not lucky enough ” right? We all have. However, the people who actually believe this nonsense don’t know any better and neither did the people who passed these ridiculous ideas down to them. That’s why it’s so important for you to follow your own thoughts and dreams and block out anything that coincides with them. Keep thinking thoughts of abundance, prosperity, success, love, and good health. At some point, the more you entertain these thoughts and feel them as if they were happening right now, the more likely they will manifest for you.

Abundance is All Around Us

The second gift is your inner guidance system. This is the system within your body that allows you to feel emotion. When somebody says something positive to you and it makes you feel good, this is your inner guidance system telling you that you like this feeling, your in-tune with your desires, keep this alignment going. When you experience something that makes you sad or depressed, this is your IGS telling you that this emotion does not make you feel good, and it’s not in alignment with your desires. This is your opportunity to start changing your thoughts and feelings to something more positive in order to get realigned with your desires. Start listening to your IGS as this is a very powerful and easy way to recognize if your vibrational energy is in-tune with your dreams and desires.

Now that you are aware of the two beautiful gifts we’re all born with, now it’s time to start using them to your benefit. The more you practice entertaining thoughts about what it is you desire in your life and then paying attention to the way you feel, the faster the life of your dreams will manifest into reality. It’s never too late to start living life, so start today and god bless you!

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