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September 11 2001

Published by in Blog on September 7th, 2011

Whether you think think the September 11th 2001 terror attacks were committed by Arab hijackers or an inside job by the US government, 9-11 should be a day of remembering those who lost their lives in the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, in the field of Shanksville, PA and the firemen and police officers that gave everything to rescue those stuck in the World Trade Center. This day, which should be and eventually will be a national holiday, is about paying our respects to those who lost their lives either as helpless victims or heroes trying to save lives. It really doesn’t matter if September 11 2001 was committed by terrorists or by inside government agencies. It doesn’t matter if this was an act to scare US citizens so the US government could sign into law any bill they pleased in order to get control over the masses. All of the thousands of theories out there that are either in favor of terrorists committing this mass murder or conspiracies of our government against it’s people, they really don’t matter on this day.

The 911 terror attack was heinous act committed by cowards, regardless of who’s responsible, and this crime took the lives of thousands of people who were going about their own daily business. They didn’t ask for this to happen to them, but it did, and it’s our job to pay our respects. Please watch the video below and remember that day and where you were and what you were feeling as you watched these events unfold. On September 11, please take a moment of silence and prayer to reflect on this horrible tragedy and wish all those around you nothing but love and peace. Never forget about 9-11 and those effected by this date.

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