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Reach for Your Goals

Published by in Blog on June 1st, 2011

Too many times have I seen friends or colleagues tell me about the goals they want to accomplish in life but fail to go after them. I hear how they would love to have this amount of money, or I would love to go back to school, or I want to start my own business. But in the end, none of these goals ever materialize for them. What might they be doing that’s getting in the way of making these goals a reality?

I’ll tell you right now that most people fail to achieve their goals because they allow others or themselves talk them out of it. That’s right!! They either listen to others tell them that they can’t or they listen to that little voice inside that whispers, ” You will fail.” How many times have we all experienced this? A lot right? This is where goal setting and positive thinking come into play.

For starters, you can’t let others dictate your future and the same goes for that little voice inside your mind. You have to block it out. For now I would stop letting others in on your goals and dreams. Keep them to yourself and practice visualization. The more you see yourself accomplishing these goals the faster these goals will manifest themselves as reality. And every time you hear that nagging voice inside tell you that you can’t, you need to repeat this affirmation, ” My higher self clearly shows me the way to fulfill the divine plan and purpose of my life now through perfect divine guidance.” Repeat this as many times as it takes until all negative thoughts are out of your head.

Goal setting can be a tricky task too! You have to know clearly what it is you want to achieve and from there you have to mark out the best path possible to get there. However, by getting started and recognizing what goals mean the most to you signals effort on your part and also tells the universe that you have taken initiative to get going and from there things start falling into place making your path much easier.  As long as you get started you are already on your way.

Remember, don’t let others or that voice inside tell you you can’t. Keep a strong, positive mind and repeat that affirmation above. If you can see it you will achieve it.

And for more help on goal setting please click below. Brian Tracy is an expert on goal setting and has helped over 5 million people figure out what it is they want and has helped them create paths to accomplishing those goals.


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