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Providing Security & Care for Your Elderly or Disabled Loved One

Published by in Blog on February 2nd, 2012

All caregivers face one inevitable question as they watch relatives age. How does the caregiver preserve the dignity and independence of their elderly relative? They must weigh choices that balance care with safety and lifestyle freedom. Most elderly would prefer to age in the comfort of their own home or relative’s home. To compensate for the health issues caregivers look for products, services and conveniences to assist the elderly in their daily routine. This is often seen by the elderly as a more economical and more dignified way of living as they are not uprooted and isolated from friends and family.

Two products a caregiver should consider are video intercom systems or telephone integrated intercom systems. The video intercom anti-vandal door phone system provides a much needed safety net for the elderly. Complete with a touch screen, color pad monitor, night vision outdoor station, FM video modulation technology to minimize interference, and best of all, easy to install applications, this system would provide a huge piece of mind to any caregiver for the safety of their elderly or disabled loved one.

Video Intercom Systems

The telephone entry intercom system is a unique door telephone entry system that interfaces with your existing home or office telephone (including cordless), enabling you to answer and open a door or gate. The Phone Gate provides you with many benefits unlike any other access control system and allows you to control main entrance access via your telephone. For an elderly or disabled person, it’s very easy to use this system as it allows them to screen visitors by phone and if they grant entry to the visitor, all they have to do is press one of the buttons on the phone and that’s it. They never have to get up or move to a door to see what visitor is outside.

The need for either of these two systems comes at the first signs that aging is impairing the loved-one’s quality of life:

Poor Muscle Control and Strength: The elderly are often limited by the amount of weight they can lift. Where once something was easily moved, they sometimes find they suddenly cannot perform simple tasks as they did in their youth.

Balance and Coordination Problems: As a person ages, they are often more prone to falls or spills on seemingly flat floors or just changing postures. There movement is often slowed considerably as they must take more care while moving.

Hearing Impairments: Senior citizens lose their range of hearing, especially at higher frequencies. This makes hearing a conversation or someone calling from another room very difficult.

Limited Reach: Seniors often can’t reach or stretch as far as they did. It becomes harder to find someone to just get one object that they cannot reach for themselves.

Limited Vision: As vision fades and phones often become confusing with small buttons.

Telephone Integrated Intercom System

First Signs of Illness: Certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s often make the elderly more fearful of going outside or add to their confusion when placed in an unfamiliar environment. This often restricts the caregiver to the same rooms and home as the disabled or elderly loved one.

These systems also have these added benefits:
• Answer front door calls from any room
• Remote door lock control
• Entrance monitoring
• Intercom calling between rooms
• Built in call waiting when phonehttp://www.prosperity-2-all.com/wp-admin/media-new.php is in use
• Two way communication with visitors
• Internal communication between telephones
• Touch screen and color pad monitor
• And much, much more……..

Improved home security through video or telephone intercom systems help to assist the elderly in identifying visitors before opening the door. Installing a wireless intercom system will give everyone greater sense of security knowing that in the event of a crisis there is a means of contacting help. It gives both the caregiver and the elderly a greater sense of freedom and independence.

Check out Ilus Electronics at www.iluselectronics.com within their 2-wire video intercom system sections or their telephone integrated intercom system section to see which system is the best for your loved one. Or you can contact an Ilus Electronics service rep at 850-701-0590 for additional information. Give your loved one the security they deserve while giving yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

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