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Positive Affirmations the Right Way

Published by in Blog on May 26th, 2011

Usually when people first start off on their quest to change their outlook on life from negative to positive, affirmations are generally the easiest way to get started. Most people spend a lot of time worrying about money, health, relationships, and careers. By worrying about these things they are projecting negative vibrations through their emotions and in return they get negative experiences back and their worries tend to increase. So starting with positive affirmations tends to be the easiest starting place for them.

If you’re not familiar with positive affirmations let me give you an example. Instead of worrying about the lack of money or telling yourself that you do not have enough money, most people would reverse this by stating a positive affirmation like ” I am wealthy ” or ” I am a millionaire.” The only problem with this is their subconscious mind doesn’t usually agree with these statements so the affirmation does not work in the long run. Obviously, stating positive affirmations is a step in the right direction, compared to always worrying about money, health and jobs. And by stating positive affirmations your starting to reprogram your subconscious mind in order to stop all the negative experiences in your life. However, most people don’t get quick enough results and in return get frustrated and give up. The reason for the slow results is due mostly to years of pent up negative beliefs deep within their mind. They have to start a spring cleaning effect if you will and get rid of all those old beliefs before their subconscious will allow new, positive thoughts in.



Instead of stating positive affirmations like ” I Am Wealthy ” or ” I will become a millionaire ” try stating positive affirmations like ” I Am provided for abundantly by my creator ( or higher self ) ” or ” I claim for myself the perfect job that uses my skills to the fullest and provides me with a salary of $_____per week.” By stating affirmations in a manner that your subconscious mind will believe, you start to get rid of the old, negative beliefs and start making impressions of new, positive beliefs, and from there you will start to see your affirmations manifesting in your life. It may not be over night, but in a month or two is much better than not at all.

For now, start changing up your positive affirmations to ones that are more realistic to your subconscious mind instead of ones that it won’t believe. By stating that your abundantly provided for by your creator or higher self is much more believable because that is a truth. If you try to tell yourself that you are wealthy when your mind knows that at the present moment you are not, your affirmation will fail.

So start today and use what I’ve laid out here to get you started. If you have any questions or need more affirmation ideas please feel free to email me matt@prosperity-2-all.com. Until next time, may all of you be blessed with prosperity, good health, and success.

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