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Police Scanners Will Keep You Informed

Published by in Blog on September 18th, 2012

These days there is a lot of crime taking place by the second. It is a proven stat that a violent crime takes place every 27 seconds. Whether that be murder, domestic violence, child abuse, or whatever, the fact remains that these types of nasty crimes happen often and in every community in every city.

Most people look at a police scanner as something only law enforcement and first responders use. But what if I told you owning a police scanner is a good way for ordinary citizens of the community to keep on top of the crimes and other things people need help with in their area. This could be a good way for people to become more aware of the things that need to change in their community. If they can listen in on a professional emergency response scanner then that wil give them a good idea of whats happening around them and start coming up with ideas for new community outreach programs to help the victims of these crimes or mishaps.

Suppose you are constantly hearing on your police scanner about the constant domestic disturbances that are taking place in your city. And what if you heard the same domestic disturbance call to the same address on a consistent basis? I bet that would make you want to start getting more involved in your community just knowing that some poor women is constantly experiencing abuse and the police have to keep going to that same address to protect and serve. You would want to start a program or offer your home for that person to stay in why they recover and get out of that horrible situation.

Also, by listening to the consistent crime taking place in your city it would also provide you with good ideas for a neighborhood watch program. Protecting your own home and those of your fellow neighbors is an excellent idea. It starts sending a message to criminals that you are aware of what they are up to and you wont let it happen in your area. And if they do dare to commit a crime in your are, on your watch, you have a police scanner with you to know how fast the police are coming in the event of an emergency.

So go out and get a police scanner today and stay up to date with the crime and emergency situations going on in your city or neighborhood every day. It might just end up saving somebodys life.

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