Collectible Sports Memorabilia is Big Business

Published by in Blog on September 14th, 2012

From the baseball Barry Bonds hit into the San Francisco Bay to an authentic Honus Wagner baseball card, if you can secure a piece of the collectible sports memorabilia industry, you can score a big payday.

These days every sports fan is waiting for their favorite player to break the oldest records which were set by icons back in the day. Back in 1998 we had the most celebrated year in baseball when Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa went head to head for the home run record. Baseball had been pretty flat for many years leading up to that glorious summer. And then, three years later, Barry Bonds hit a record 73 home runs in a single season and set the all time record. Fans positioned int heir boats out in the cold San Fran Bay that night, paddled, motored, and even swam to get their hands on that ball as Barry crushed the leather right off of it.

Over the last several years, many pitchers in baseball have thrown perfect games. Just a couple weeks ago the 23rd perfect game in history went into the history books. Fans would love to get their hands on that ball if it ever comes available as it will be worth quite a pretty penny.

And what about an authentic Honus Wagner baseball card? Back on August 20th, a man in New Jersey won the winning bid on a rare 1909 Wagner card for 1.2 million dollars. I dont know about you but that payday would allow me to live a pretty comfortable life.

On May 20, 2012, an authentic jersey worn by Babe Ruth sold for 4.4 million. Then we have James Naismiths Founding Rules of Basketball from 1891 sold for over four million and the authentic soccer rules book from 1859 went for an astonishing 1.4 million.

As you can see there is a lot of money to make if you can get your hands on classic sports memorabilia. Its not always easy to come across these rare items but if your collector, making sure your vision is good when your out looking for your next big score is a must.

Starting a low cost Business in the Sign Industry

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These days, with the way the economy is and the amount of people who are unemployed, its the perfect time to get into business for yourself. By going into business for yourself, you take control of your financial destiny. No more boss, no more being micromanaged, and no more people telling you how much your worth.

An awesome industry to start a low cost business is in the sign making industry. There are many sign companies out there but nobody comes close in quality and knowledge as Discount Sign Supplies. Not only have they been in business for many years, but they produce some of the industries best, custom sign supplies.

They have a specially trained staff within their offices that are dedicated to helping people learn about the sign industry and helping people start their own sign business. They can get you started for as low as $250, all the way up to $750. Its very low cost. Plus, they offer some of the finest training in helping you get started. They show you how to market your business and how to get your first client.

Not many start businesses come with this type of support. Not one minute will go by where you wont have support. Discount Sign supplies is with you every step of the way to ensure you are a success. So call them today if you want to look at their business model. It may just turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever make regarding your career and financial future.

The History of Bronze Sculptures

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Before Christ, somewhere between the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf, an artist crafted a vision in beeswax, covered it in liquid clay and cooked it in a fire. In the flames the wax was lost, replaced by empty space. Tin and copper alloys of bronze – were gathered and heated. Once melted, the metal was poured into the cavity of the fire-hardened clay. The metal cooled and the sculptor knocked the clay from the metal. The first bronze was cast.

Certain elements of the “Lost Wax” process have indeed been refined, yet today bronze casting remains essentially the same as it was in 2,000 BC during the Akkadian period.

Wax chasing is the delicate process of joining the wax pieces back together to form a complete “positive” of the sculpture (including removing seams and repairing imperfections with heated customized soldering irons or tools: dental tools being ideal). Artists are very involved at this juncture, checking the integrity of the wax and, after approving it, signing the piece.

Investment is the process of building a rock-hard shell around the wax sculpture. Later in the process, when the wax has been melted out, the investment will serve as a mold for the molten bronze. For most of history, an investment consisting of plaster, sand and water was used to accomplish this task.

In the last 15 years, a new technology called ceramic shell has become the industry standard.The ceramic shell technique begins by dipping the gated wax into vats of slurry followed immediately by a bath of sand. This process builds a very thin wall of silica around the wax.

Devesting is the process during which the investment is removed from the metal. Approximately one hour after the pour, the piece is cool enough to handle. Skill and strength are combined with hammers and power chisels to knock the investment off the freshly solidified metal. The gates and sprues must also be removed with a high intensity electric arc that can cut through the bronze like butter. The final step is to sandblast the fine investment from the bronze. When clean, the sculpture advances to the metal shop.

Like wax chasing, bronze must also be chased or cleaned to address the slight imperfections that may result from the casting or shell building process. On larger sculptures, where assembly of cast sections is required, chasing is essential to take down weld line formed by the joining of two planes. Metal chasing usually starts with large electric or pneumatic grinders to remove the bulk of the unwanted metal.

Many larger bronze statues are analyzed by a structural engineer who recommends an inner support structure that can reinforce the piece to withstand earthquakes and high winds.

Patination is enhancement of bronze by the chemical application of color. Three water soluble compounds form the basis for most patinas: Ferric Nitrate produces reds and browns, Cupric Nitrate creates the greens and blues and Sulphurated Potash produces black.

There you have it, a brief history of many different sculpting methods and how they came to be. Next time your embark on your newest project, you will remember what all these unique methods are and maybe have more appreciation for them.

Divine Love Prayer – Emmet Fox

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Divine Love Prayer-Treatment

MY soul is filled with Divine Love. I am surrounded by Divine Love. I radiate Love and Peace to the whole world.

I have conscious Divine Love. God is Love, and there is nothing in existence but God and His Self-expression.

All men are expressions of Divine Love, therefore, I can meet with nothing but Divine Love. Nothing ever takes place but the Self-expressing of Divine Love.

All this is true now. This is the actual case, the actual state of my affairs. I do not have to try to bring this about, but I observe it already in being now.

Divine Love is the actual nature of Being. There is only Divine Love, and I know this.

I perfectly understand what Divine Love is. I have conscious realization of Divine Love.

The Love of God burns in me for all humanity. I am a lamp of God, radiating Divine Love to all whom I meet, to all whom I think of.

I forgive everything that can possibly need forgiveness, positively everything. Divine Love fills my heart, and all is well.

I now radiate Love to the whole universe, excluding no one.

I experience Divine Love. I demonstrate Divine Love. I thank God for this. And, so it is. Amen

Vision Board

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How to make a vision board

Advantages of Indistrial Floor Scales

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Electronic floor scales have revolutionized the process of weighing objects in businesses across the world. They are used to weigh objects of all sizes, shapes, and weight. Electronic floor scales make it easier to take measurements of weight in kilo grams, pounds, grams and etc. They have b-tekfloordifferent features also such as being able to connect to a computer and record the weight. With all of these features it is no wonder that these electronic floor scales have revolutionized weighing objects related to business.

If you manage the warehouse shipping & receiving function then you know the importance of technology in keeping your job area running in perfect condition. You use a number of pieces of equipment to do so including barcode scanners, rfid tags, label printers and of course, platform scales. Solid industrial scales are of the utmost importance if you’re verifying the weights of products coming in and out of your warehouse.

Floor scales do not generally occupy much floor space. Even bench scales have their own demerits. Floor scales, usually occupy only about 10 square feet of space but provide accurate weights and speedily. A floor scale has an adequately large base with a low center of gravity. Thus floor scales are safe for placing heavy objects. As a matter of fact, some of the latest units have on-board digital computer to facilitate data analysis after the weighing is over.

As you can see, when it comes to making your weighing duties easier and safer, nothing compares to industrial floor scales. The floor scale has many useful features to withstand rigors of weighing operations inside the manufacturing units.Needless to say, it is important to asses properly the weighing requirements and the features needed before selecting the right floor scale so that it enhances the productivity of the industry and eliminates delays that occur during the weighing operations.

Advantages of Online Account Management

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Business question- Why is online accounts management better than using installed software?

Whatever the size of your business, it’s always important to manage accounts. In the modern world, online accounts management is highly popular but why is it better than using installed software?


With installed software, you are usually confined to the computer in question. This might seem ideal for home situations but even in this regard you occasionally might want to access your accounts from somewhere else. If you’re on holiday or out of town, for example, it’s still important that you have quick and easy access to your own financial information.

Likewise, if the computer in question was to stop working or otherwise become unavailable, you risk losing not only the software but all your important information too. With an online service, this is all stored somewhere else. As long as you have Internet access, you can regain all this valuable information easily and quickly.

Expert help

Furthermore, whilst software might help you by offering some level of assistance, it doesn’t match the quality of expert knowledge you can gain from an online accounts management service. When needed, these companies have professional accountants on hand to give practical and effective advice.

In a business, this can include various additional services, such as payroll services and other legal issues. In short, this expert help can ensure that you never go wrong with your finances. This, in turn, reduces a great deal of stress on your end. Whether it’s personal finances or those of the business, everyone is much happier and more relaxed knowing that their finances are in safe, professional hands.


Additionally, online services such as those offered by Sage One (more…)

Choosing a Mounting Stand for Your TV

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These days there are many options when it comes to monitor stands for your television. There are mounts for flat screen TVs that can be installed onto your wall. One of the most popular and easier ways is to buy a floor monitor stand for any flat screen or LCD style TV. These types of monitor stands are more supportive and offer you more choices in which height your want the TV to be displayed at. Some stands are even built to place your TV specifically in the corner of a room while others are built for the TV to be placed directly in the middle of your family room. Generally when you buy a brand new monitor stand, they usually come with convenient features such as non-slip feet, screen mounting brackets, elevated screen mounting kit, simple tension rods, and much more. It has now become very easy to put your new monitor stand together and the easier it is, the faster you TV will be in its new favorite location within your home.

Start Writing Thank You Cards

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An easy but very effective way to practice gratitude is by writing Thank You Notes. They are very cheap and it is one of the strongest forms of gratitude that you could possibly express to somebody. If a loved one or a teacher has done something nice for you pick up a Thank You card and write them a note expressing your sincere gratitude. When you express gratitude for the things people do for you you put yourself in the correct flow with the universe. Its the same when you express how grateful you are for the money you have, or the home you have. The more grateful you are for the things you have the more of those things you will receive and in a lot of instances, you will get more of them.

Three Facts to Consider When Buying Car Hire Insurance

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Three things to consider when buying hire car excess insurance

For those planning a holiday this summer or looking to hire a car for a short trip away, there are many things which need to be considered. Whilst checking the validity and cost of the hire firm is likely to be high on the list of priorities, it is not the only thing which you need to do.

In fact, there are many things to consider when planning hiring a car and buying car hire insurance is one of these. This is a policy designed to provide additional protection to cover any gaps in the insurance offered by the hire firm, but what should you consider when obtaining it?

1. The cover

The first thing you need to consider is the type of cover which is offered. As with all insurance policies, the type of protection provided will vary between insurers so it is vital that you consider this aspect carefully.

Car hire excess insurance will typically cover damages to the vehicle but it is important that you check whether smaller components, such as the windscreen, tyres and underbody, are covered as well.

2. The price

This is often the most important consideration for shoppers and completing an online comparison is a great way to find the best deal. Remember that you should never sacrifice the quality of the product or cover simply for the price but should strive to obtain value for money instead.

This means combining the right level of cover with the right price. Car hire excess insurance is reasonably priced and reputable insurers will offer a clear and fair explanation of their costs.

3. The length

Whilst many people feel that this form of insurance is only available as one-off cover, some insurers may also offer annual cover for those who intend to use this service more often. This is something which you should consider carefully as naturally the cost of cover will differ depending on the length of time it covers. Always consider whether there are any exclusions to your policy before purchasing.

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