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More Than Enough to Go Around

Published by in Blog on August 9th, 2011

In today’s world, most people believe that they have to work hard, long hours, and save every penny just to get by. They spend a lot of time worrying, stressing out over bills and future financial obligations, wondering if they will have any money left over? What they don’t realize is that there’s enough abundance for everybody and the supply is unlimited.

Wealth is all around us folks. There is no such things as poverty. Poverty is just an illusion. When The Source created this universe, he built it so there would be enough for everybody at all times. All you had to do is realize this and you would never experience any lack of money or anything else for that matter. We live in the most abundant world there is. The only reason people believe that money and wealth is limited is because they were taught that or they believe all the things they see on the news.

Stop listening to outside influences. If you believe everything you here from people or places that don’t understand the truth, you’re just going to end up like them. Open your mind to the truth, The Source of all things, and start realizing that all things were placed on this earth for us to use. Wealth, Money and abundance are some of those many things.

Look outside right now! You will see that our country has paved roads to drive on, beautiful trees that keep regrowing themselves, police officers and firemen to keep us safe, the worlds greatest military to keep our country protected, vegetation that grows fruits and vegetables for our consumption, tons and tons of stores for us to buy things for our survival and entertainment! The list could go on and on. Ask yourself, do other countries, especially 3rd world countries, have these everyday luxuries? Nope! They sure don’t.

Start realizing that wealth, money, and abundance is every where and is there for our use at all times. The Source created these truths when he created our universe and it has never changed. There has always been wealth, money and abundance for every body. It was up to us to understand those truths and start living our lives accordingly. Get to work now and start studying universal laws and the way our universe really works. Don’t listen to the news or family and friends who don’t know any better. The facts are facts! The question is, are you going to go with the norm or start living your life according to Truths, and by doing so, will live in wealth, abundance and money at all times?

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