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Maple Drums Outperform the Rest

Published by in Blog on July 8th, 2012

Have you ever compared the different woods that drums are made from? When it comes to custom drums, you have birch, ash, mahogany, oak, and maple. There are several other woods used but these few are the big players. Out of all the woods I have played I have come to a conclusion that maple rules supreme. When you have a custom drums manufacturer make a specialized kit, go with maple drums. Maple wood makes the tone sound incredible. The drums have awesome attack, they re very punchy, and the tones back off at just the right moment. Some other types of wood have too much overtones spilling over. Not maple!! If your custom drums are made from maple you are guaranteed to have the best sounding kit out there and quite possibly, the best sounding instrument on stage. So go with maple next time you have some drums built for you…..you will be the happiest drummer in the world.

Maple Custom Drums

Maple Drums

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