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Living in the Now

Published by in Blog on July 27th, 2011

Living in the now is a must if your going to achieve the goals and desires you’ve set for yourself. Most people, when they’ve set certain goals and desires, will take the time to think about them, visualize them, even act on them, but soon after, they start thinking of past worries or future issues that completely wipe out all the progress they have made towards their goals and desires. You can’t do this. This is self sabotage!!!

In order to achieve any goal, you have to live in the now! What this means is, there’s no point in worrying about yesterday or tomorrow because they don’t exist. Yesterday is in the past and has become an illusion now. Tomorrow hasn’t arrived so technically that is also an illusion. All worries and stress are illusions. You have to live in the present. And whatever goal that you want to manifest, you have to be that goal now, you have to live that goal in the present. To manifest a certain desire, living in the now means to know without absolute certainty that that goal is going to be yours very soon. And because you know that goal is going to manifest itself into your life, you have to act, speak, and think that goal by living in the now. You cannot think about any past worry or anything regarding the future. Everything pertains to Now.

By blocking out worries of the past and future and feeling wealth, speaking wealth, acting wealthy now, you are living in the now. And by living in the present while being whatever goal or desire you want to manifest, you start to speed up the process and the universe starts aligning people, places and other events to that will soon give you what you want.

To understand more about living in the Now, please go to The New Thought Manifesto by David Gikandi where he breaks down in an easy to understand method what I’ve tried to explain above. This will not only help you understand, but it will help you manifest any goal in life at a much faster rate.

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