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Laughing is the Best Medicine

Published by in Blog on October 17th, 2011

They say that laughing and maintaining a funny, humorous, enjoyable mood helps fight against diseases and other physical ailments. There have been many articles written as well as research into this and who could argue these facts. The body, when under stress, depression, anger, tends to increase the body’s own acidity levels which creates a good home for disease and sickness to thrive. When we look at the human body, we need to view it as a swimming pool. A swimming pool needs to be shocked with chemicals in order to create an alkaline environment within the water which kills off bacterias and fungi. Same goes for our bodies! We need to create a positive environment within so where not giving home for diseases to thrive in. One way to ensure your body is more alkaline is to watch the foods you eat, which I could go into much more on but will save for another day, and the other way is to maintain a positive mood each day. The less stress you have the better. In fact, the more happy you are on a consistent basis, the more you may see your physical ailments start to disappear. You will be amazed to see how much havoc stress really wreaks on the human body. So start laughing more and just be happy. Here is a classic SNL video to help get you into a great mood.

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