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How to Improve The United States Economy

Published by in Blog on August 4th, 2011

These days everybody in our nation is focused entirely on our debt solution. Are they going to raise the debt ceiling? Are there going to be jobs? What’s the economy going to look like in a few years? These are all questions being asked on a daily basis. People, we need to stop focusing on the debt of The United States, and start focusing on the wealth of The United States.

When you live in a country of 300 million people and more, and most of the population is focused on ” debt ” thinking, then our country is going to continue to experience debt. Like thoughts attract like thoughts. If you constantly think of debt then that’s exactly what your going to get. If you change them up and think about wealth, then that’s exactly what your going to get. Period! The United States used to be in a surplus back in the late 90′s, and it won’t be the last time either. But we all have to do our job and think of The United States as having wealth and having a surplus of funds.

If you start a movement within our population and everybody directs their thoughts to wealth instead of debt, you will see The United States start to climb out of all the debt that it has and once again enjoy a surplus. Wealth thoughts are much more powerful than debt thoughts, I’ll tell you that right now. And when you start thinking along the lines of wealth for our country, eventually people, events and certain situations will line up and The United States will once again be back to a surplus of wealth. It’s really that easy!

So start today and help your beloved USA achieve wealth again! Start seeing it as a country of abundance and wealth with unlimited opportunities and eventually that will be The United States reality.


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