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How to Choose The Best Reverse Mortgage Lender

Published by in Blog on November 23rd, 2012

There are many reverse mortgage lenders out there who claim to be the best, or an expert, and can help you accomplish your mortgage goals, but how do you know your specialist knows what they are doing? We have constructed a check list here for you to review before deciding which reverse mortgage specialist you are going to trust your business with.

1) How much experience does this lender have in the reverse mortgage area?

2) How many loans have they done?

3)Does the mortgage company have the proper state and federal licensing?

4)How is this lenders sponsor?

5)Do they accept all property types? Homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes?

6)Will they help you determine which loan program suits your needs best?

Follow these tips and this will help you find the proper reverse mortgage specialist. You can never be too careful and when it comes to your home, having the right team behind you is very important.

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