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How Tiger Woods Could Get to the Top Again

Published by in Blog on August 12th, 2011

It is no doubt that Tiger Woods has had a lot going on in his life these last two years. We’ve all seen his marriage go down the tubes, his loss of sponsors and his game suffer significantly. He used to be at the top of the golf world, practically unbeatable. Now he resembles an amateur who is unsure of himself, barely making the cut after each round.

What Tiger Woods needs to do has nothing to do with his game or skill. He already has the talent. Maybe a little work on the putting but most of his issues are not game related, they are all mental issues.

I don’t know if Tiger surrounds himself with a bunch of yes men but he really needs somebody in his corner who’s going to be honest and upfront and show him how to get back on track. Tiger Woods needs to be shown the power of forgiveness and the power of mind.

The power of forgiveness would allow Tiger to forget all that he did behind his ex-wife’s back. I believe that the loss of his wife and his children has completely crushed his confidence. When a man knows hes made big mistakes, admits his mistakes, especially when those mistakes have effected the ones he loves,his confidence is going to be shattered for a while. Since his mistakes were in the public eye and caused him to lose huge sponsors, his wife and kids, you better believe his confidence is still in shambles. Tiger Woods has to be constantly wondering what people and fellow golfers on the PGA tour really think about him. That’s not a good feeling to deal with everyday. He must learn to forgive himself and move forward.

The power of mind would teach him to start visualizing how he wants his life to be from here on out. Once he has forgiven himself for everything he did, he would have a clear conscious and more confidence. When you have that, working on the power of mind is much easier. Tiger Woods would be able to start seeing himself in a positive light. He would be able to visualize himself bringing his A game again. He could start visualizing winning and obtaining sponsors again. And more importantly he could start visualizing himself as a better person, one who people look up to again.

If Tiger Woods was willing to work on these few things he would get to the top again. He has to get the right person or coaches in his corner that specialize in the power of thought. Tiger has to become a regular person again and by doing so he would achieve greatness. I’m issuing a challenge to Tiger Woods! If you want help and truly mean it, we will certainly help you get your game and life back. We will see what happens!

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