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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Published by in Blog on May 25th, 2011

If you watch the news on a regular basis you will see all the things wrong with the world. Any night you can tune into your local or world news channel and see war, murders, child abuse, poverty….the list goes on and on. To tell you the truth, I only watch the news quick enough to see what current events are taking place, sports, and tech news. That’s it! I stopped watching most of the news because you rarely see anything positive on there. This is why I say have an attitude of gratitude! If you’ve seen the amount of negativity and suffering within our communities it’s good to be grateful for everything you have in your life that is good.

By being grateful for the things you view as positive in your life you start to display an attitude of appreciation. And by doing so, your telling the universe that you are grateful for certain things and then the universe eventually sends more of those good things back to you. For example, if you want a new car and your grateful for the current car you have, even if it’s not new, your just thankful to have a dependable car that gets you to and from places safely, your chances of getting a new car quicker are greater. If you show the universe that you appreciate the things you’ve been blessed with now, more blessings will follow down the road.

Suppose you want more money. Right now you may not have a million bucks in the bank, or maybe not enough to go shopping any time you please, but by being grateful for what you do have in your account, your telling the universe that you’re grateful for what you do have and yes, please send me more. Eventually you may be offered a higher paying job, win some money, a friend or family member sends you money out of the blue, or some other circumstance that produces more wealth comes into play.

Always make sure to count your blessings. Every day take an extra 10 minutes out of your day to think about or write down all the things your grateful for. Make sure you feel the gratitude permeate through your whole body. If you truly feel grateful for all the things you have, whether it be money, good health, a loving home, a loving family….no matter what these things are, the universe will send more of them. Start now….be grateful for what you do have and everything else will fall into place for you.

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