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Harmonic Vibration

Published by in Blog on September 6th, 2011

No matter what you want out of life, your vibrations must be in harmony with the one source. Take a look around you, that chair you see in the room, or that tree or bird outside your window, they are all made up of energy.Every object, you, me, a car, a building, we are all energy and we all move at different speeds.This is what makes up the form that you see with your eyes. But if you had an advanced microscope and looked at any object with that microscope you would see that the object is nothing more than energy moving at a certain speed. That’s all we are and that’s all anything is….just energy moving in harmony with the one source.

In order to live a happy, loving, successful, healthy life, we all need to be in harmony or vibration with the same harmonic vibration of our desires. The source wants all of us to have and achieve everything our hearts desire but we first have to start teaching ourselves to be in harmonic vibration. You can’t think about having wealth, get all happy about the thought of actually coming into more money, and then 20 minutes later go back to thinking about all your debt. Your efforts will cancel each other out.

You have to keep your harmonic vibration and your thoughts on the goal or desire at all times. Take little steps to improve whatever it is that is causing you negative feelings. If your looking for that special someone, then start making a list of what you want that special person to be like. Take the necessary smaller steps in taking control of the things that cause the negative thoughts inside. Really pay attention to this each day!

Start the day, before getting out of bed, think of something that makes you absolutely happy. Maybe spending time with your kids, or hanging out with a loved one, maybe sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash, or perhaps receiving money from an unexpected source. Whatever the thought is, really think about it to the point where your emotions start to fill you up with joy and happiness. Try to keep that happiness throughout the day. If you can do this, then you will be in harmonic vibration with the source and this will lead to things coming into your life that add to your happiness. This is how you start achieving the life of your dreams.


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