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Feeling is the Key

Published by in Blog on June 2nd, 2013

If you haven’t gotten closer to your goals yet, then something within you is off. More than likely it’s your energy. Everything you see around you, including your own body, is made up of energy. The reason things look different from each other is due to the rate of speed in which it’s vibrating at.

I guess you could say we are all magnets vibrating at different speeds. If your body is vibrating at low energy levels, you attract things that match that vibration. If your body is vibrating at high energy pitches, you attract things that match that level.

When it comes to your goals, your vibrational energy should match the level in which that goal would make you feel if you had already achieved it. The key to speeding up the manifestation process of your goals is to start getting your energy vibrations up to the level in which your goals would make you feel. You also want to think in terms of already accomplishing the specific goal. We always need to live in the now, so do not think of your goals in a “future” tense. You must act as if you already have that goal now.

Start practicing increasing your vibrational energy by following these three steps:

1) Find a place to relax where you won’t be disturbed.

2) Relax and close your eyes. Begin to see yourself with whatever goal you intend to achieve.

3) Feel how already having that goal now, in your possession, makes you feel. Try to be a descriptive as possible. GEt that energy way up until you almost feel as if you’re on a natural high.

This is all you have to do. Practice makes perfect and by doing so I guarantee you will start manifesting your goals much faster.

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