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Faith is the Answer

Published by in Blog on May 24th, 2011

Have you ever wanted something so bad and no matter how hard you keep pursuing this goal it keeps getting further and further away? Every day your banging your head against the wall because you’re not getting any closer to your desire. You seem to be doing everything you need to do on a daily basis in order to achieve that goal and all the effort seems to be wasted as you’re not getting any closer. I have a simple question to ask you about this problem of yours! Have you every thought about the term ” Faith? ”

When we here the word ” faith “, a majority of people think religion. Now that may be true but it also means you have absolute trust that whatever it is your after is going to manifest itself. I guess we can say that Faith can be related to both religion and absolute trust.

In order to accomplish goals and desires you must have complete faith that they are already being given to you. If your somebody who constantly visualizes or states affirmations about your goals and desires but then goes right back to having doubts about their achievements then you’re not going to get very far. Right here is usually the cause of most people’s problems. Each day they take time out to say prayers, visualize what it would be like to have their goal or desire, and then go back to doubting actually having it. Maybe they go back to doubting because they think their goal is too far out of reach for them. Maybe their desires are not in alignment with their family and friend’s desires. Either way, your causing all your daily prayers and visualization treatments to be canceled out. If you spend time in a quiet environment visualizing the desired goal right then and there you’re sending out vibrations to the universe or God and telling it what you want. But if you go back to the ” that’s too good to be true ” mentality 20 minutes later, then you’re doing all of this for nothing. Same goes with prayer. You have to have the highest level of faith for all of this to work.

So back to what i was saying at the beginning of all of this. Faith, whether your religious or not, is the key ingredient to achieving all of your desires and goals. If you prefer to use prayer, you must believe that the prayer is already answered and God or your higher self or the universe is setting up all events in order to send you whatever it is you want. Same goes with visualization and affirmations. You must have the utmost faith that your desires are on their way and you must not let anything negative enter your mind and cancel out all your hard work. You have to feel it deep in your gut. If anything negative does pop up stop thinking about it by saying ” I am prosperous now ” or ” God prospers me now.” Say these statements as many times as needed until all negativity is out of mind and you feel peaceful inside.

Give Faith a try and use those two little statements if anything negative enters your thoughts. If you start programming your mind to only entertain desired thoughts eventually you will have a life filled with all those desires.

Until next time, may all of you be filled with love, health, and prosperity!


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