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Don’t Let Others Create Your Life

Published by in Blog on May 23rd, 2011

Many people have big dreams! They dream about having enough money, the ideal career, free time, perfect health, and many other things. Just by thinking of these things brings tremendous joy to their hearts and completely turns their moods around. Then, because of the excitement, they share their dreams with a friend or family member only to get shot down by the famous ” you will never be able to do that ” or ” sorry, you’re not lucky enough to have that ” bug.

Have you ever sat at your desk or on the couch just dreaming of what would make you happy in life? It feels good doesn’t it? I know I love it! But doesn’t it feel horrible when somebody you know or are very close with shoots you down like that. Seriously….it rips your heart out and all your motivation goes right out the door. This is where we all have to draw the line. And I’m not talking about confrontation with these negative people….I’m talking about secrecy!

I’m here to tell you today to keep your most inner desires and goals to yourself. You see, most people from the time they were born until the time they die live their life by the same mental programming they were brought up with. If you were brought up with the ” we can’t afford that ” or the ” you must have money to do that ” bugs, or anything similar to that, there’s a 99% chance that unless you do something about it your going to live your life the same way. Trust me, this is not your fault and I am not poking fun at you. It’s not even your parents fault either, they were brought up by their parents the same way too! This is how our country was programmed a long time ago and it spread like wild fires from generation to generation.

If your going to combat these negative mental patterns your going to have to take action now. Always remember, your thoughts create your destiny. And if your always allowing people to shoot down your goals and dreams your never going to accomplish them. Your thought patterns are going to turn from hopes and dreams to negativity and anger. Do not fall into that trap! Chances are, it won’t be any use trying to get your parents to change their thinking so for now you must only focus on yourself. maybe down the road your parents will see the miraculous change in you and wonder or even ask what you’ve been up to. But for now, focus on you. Block out all negativity you may here others speaking of. Don’t share your goals and desires with anybody else. The only thing you must do right now is keep dreaming and take little actions towards those dreams. Your higher self will start assisting you along the way in order to help you achieve these dreams. They won’t fall out of the sky and on to your lap. You must sit down and think about what little things you can begin today and start doing them. If you really put forth the effort I promise that the little voice inside you will whisper where to start.

Always remember, thoughts create your destiny. If you think of the negativity that others tell you, then your dreams will eventually become lost and you will invite negativity into your life. But if you constantly block out all negativity and think only thoughts of prosperity, good health, love or whatever your desires are, and start taking action, then you will eventually see your goals starting to shape together little by little. You can do it and I know you can. Keep positive and the way will be shown to you.

Until next time may all of you be blessed with Success, Prosperity, and Perfect Health!


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