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Doing Things in A Certain Way Part 2

Published by in Blog on June 20th, 2011

I want to dig a little deeper into a previous post I wrote about. If you did not get a chance to read it click here. The blog was called You Must Do Things in a Certain Way. It spoke of the classic book The Science of Getting Rich. Wallace D Wattles discusses through out his classic how our thoughts become things and in order to get rich we must do things in a certain way.

We can take what Mr. Wattles discusses in the book and apply it to anything we want out of life. Whether we want better health, more money, better relationships with family and friends, more success, better opportunities, by applying the principles laid out within this book, we can achieve anything we want in life. I wanted to make it clear that it does not have to be just money.

Now, to get a little deeper into what he says about doing things in a certain way. What this means is that we must constantly control our thoughts by thinking only about the things we wish to achieve. We must block out all negative thoughts that pop into our minds. As soon as we let negative thoughts sink in we sabotage all progress toward our goals. So it is very crucial to start thinking positive thoughts and sticking to them.

For example, if we wanted more money but constantly think of what we don’t have at the present time, the universe will keep giving us more of what we don’t want which is less money. You have to keep visualizing having plenty of money or any goal of yours that you want to achieve that would bring more wealth. When a negative thought pops up push that thought aside and tell it it no longer serves you. The more you do this the better you will get at maintaining a wealth mind.

If we want better health, we have to entertain thoughts of being healthy. Visualize your doctor congratulating you on a perfect bill of health. See it and feel it. Feel what it would be like to have your doctor stating to you that you are 100% healthy. Or visualize yourself exercising and feeling great. The more you do this the sooner your state of health will improve.

It does not matter what goal you want to achieve as long as you keep the end result in mind. And by end result I mean the state you will be in when you actually have that in your life. For example, if you want a better job, you have to see yourself in that job, acting and feeling like you would as if that was your reality now. Maybe you would be dressed in new clothes for that new job! Maybe you would have more confidence because your making more money. Maybe your state of happiness is at an all time high. Whatever emotions you would be feeling at that time you have to feel it now as if it is happening presently.

Doing things in a certain way means to constantly see yourself achieving whatever goal it is you want to accomplish and seeing it as if it were true now. Your vibrational pitch has to match your desire. If your constantly moody but want more money then your emotional match to that desire will be off. But if your happy because your constantly feeling what it would be like to have more money then your emotional match will be the same as your desire. That is really all there is to it.

Our desires and goals all have vibrational matches to them. Our emotions have to match up with the same emotional pitch that our desires and goals have. Everything is energy vibrating at different levels. Our bodies are vibrating at very high speeds. So our energy has to match that of our goals.

Think about everything discussed here. Start to think positive thoughts that make a picture of the goal you want to accomplish. It does not matter what that goal is as long as you picture yourself achieving it. When visualizing the goal, make sure that your visualization is so strong that your emotional pitch matches that of your goal. You will know that your making progress if throughout the day your energy and emotions are starting to reach a state of happiness. This is when you know that you are doing things in a certain way. Constantly entertain thoughts of positivity and know without a doubt that your goal is on its way to you.

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