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Do You Feel Wealthy?

Published by in Blog on September 13th, 2011

How many people want more money in their lives? I would bet that there are millions of people everyday who wish more money would some how come into their lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to your mailbox and open up a letter from a family member and inside there’s a check for $15,000 with a note attached to it stating that they just won a lottery and would like you to share in their new wealth. Now that would be a great day! Or for women, would you feel wealthy if you were walking around with a Gucci Sukey Medium Tote Bag? I bet you would!!!

In order for those types of scenarios to start taking place in your life right now you have to ask yourself a question, ” Do you feel wealthy?” This is a very serious question and has everything to do with attracting wealth and more of it. Our bodies are made up of energy and every single thought we think has energy. If your thinking thoughts of poverty or lack then those thoughts and their energy align themselves with situations and events that are similar to poverty and lack and therefore come back to you so you can experience more of it. If you constantly think thoughts of wealth and abundance then your energy and your thoughts energy travel out into the universe and align with events and situations of similar energy and they come back to you to give you so you can experience prosperity.

Everything you want in life starts with your energy and your thoughts energy. Feel wealth and practice this every day until it becomes second nature. If you desire more wealth then you have to feel wealthy. And by doing so attracting wealth will become very easy.

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