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Creating Your New Reality

Published by in Blog on September 27th, 2011

You do not have to be stuck in any area of ​​your life. There are no circumstances or situations that can not be changed for the better. There is unlimited potential of new energy to change your situation, to experience abundance, spiritual growth, connect with your soul, and reach many states of consciousness.

Since your thoughts create reality, it is important to pay attention to them. You have a good chance to change any area of ​​your life by changing your thoughts and consciousness. When you change your thoughts, you can create new conditions.

Think of some areas of your life you would like to change. Perhaps this is an area that does not work as intended. Or you can take a leap in terms of their intuitive abilities and awaken your light body to become a channel, or to find your soul mate. You can begin to transform the area by changing your thoughts about this. One is the creation of positive statements about what you said at the present time, such as, “I am now financially independent and free.” As you say these positive statements, called “claims” you can begin creating your reality.

When you declare “I am ….” followed by a positive thought or image, whatever you want, you’re inviting the power of your higher self, the soul and the divine self to be with you. Most importantly, imagine that as you say an affirmation you are linking with and calling upon the power of your true, innermost divine Self, and joining your consciousness with this unlimited consciousness that lies within you. It is this Self that has the power, love, wisdom, harmony, joy, and abundance that you are seeking. Then as you say the affirmation, feel the love, power, and wisdom of this Self revealing itself to you, bringing you all the gifts of consciousness, supply, and abundance that lie within you, waiting to unfold.

It’s not enough to repeat statements without thinking, hoping that if they repeat it often enough, they come to fruition. Make your insurance just as true as you can!

Your thoughts create your reality and so it’s very important to pay attention to them. You have great potential to transform any area of your life and consciousness by modifying your thoughts. As you revise your thoughts, you can create new circumstances.

Dare to think big and say that your dreams can become your reality. Be playful and have fun as you think of the new applications! Watch what you say to yourself and others and listen to people when they talk. When you hear something negative, change your mind with a positive statement.

If you can not imagine a positive reality, list all the reasons why you can not create the reality you want. Then change them to positive statements so you can begin manifesting the reality you want.

If you can not identify what thoughts create your reality, ask your higher self and soul to bring your awareness so you can change. Be alert and pay attention to your thoughts, and revise them to reflect the reality that we create.

Thoughts are easy to change, but it must be hard not to fall back into old ways of thinking. Do not be discouraged if you get old thoughts, recurring negative. Simply replace them with new thoughts that you have created. Write them down and repeat them until they automatically sink into your subconscious and new patterns become second nature.

Give this a try and you will see your old way of thinking disappear! Your new way of life will prove to be amazing.

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