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Care for Your Employees

Published by in Blog on June 14th, 2011

Almost all businesses depend on the performance of their employees. Whether that be the daily operations, sales, or customer service, employees help run a companies day to day activities. Each year, companies spend millions of dollars trying to figure out ways to get their employees to perform at the highest levels. Some companies want higher sales, others want more production! Regardless of why you want your employees to become all stars, you have to figure out the things that are preventing them from being an all star.

This is the most important point most companies miss out on. They expect their employees to pick up the pace, or produce more sales, but they fail to realize that employees are not going to put more into their job if they’re unwilling to put more into their own life. By this I mean, why would an employee try and put more effort into their work if they’ve got something going on inside of them that’s preventing them from putting more effort into their own life? The last thing on their mind is pushing themselves harder at work. Maybe they’re going through a divorce, battling an illness, have a loss of confidence, have low self-esteem, experiencing financial difficulties. The list could go on! If any of these issues are weighing heavily on a group of employees you can bet the house that your not going to get much out of them.

Now, instead of giving up on that employee, try and figure out ways to find out, or at least get a good idea, of what’s going on with them. Try reaching out to them to show them that your company cares for them. Show them that your concerned and what to help them see just how valuable they are to your business. Here are a few examples of how to go about this:

1. A meeting with a company counselor

2. Company paid life coaching

3. Give all employees a copy of The Science of Getting Rich

4. Company wide email every day containing positive affirmations

5. Group building exercises

By getting to the cause of the issue, or at least a good idea, and then applying effective positive reinforcement, your employee will get back on track in no time. The more motivation the employee has to better their own life the more they’re going to carry over that motivation into their work.

Before giving up on an employee or a group of employees who may be under performing, try and figure out why this is happening. Be sensitive to their needs and reinforce the issue with positivity and motivation. Over time your company goals will improve significantly and more importantly, you will have a work force that loves coming to work each day!

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