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Best Times to Smoke Cigars

Published by in Blog on October 24th, 2013

Many of us love using tobacco. Whether it be in the form of chew or cigarettes, and even better, cigars, tobacco is widely used by millions across the world. I’ve never been a big cigarette guy but I must admit, I love smoking cigars, especially during special occasions. Below is a list of memorable life events that would be the best time to enjoy a cigar.

1. Graduations

Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school, college, or perhaps grad school and it’s time to celebrate. Just imagine you and your school buddies standing on stage, looking out into a sea of over-excited friends and family. You’re all dressed up in your gown and snazzy black shoes. Once the dean finishes calling all your names, it’s time to whip out those cigars.

2. Birth of a Baby

When you or a family or good friend bring a baby into this world, this is definitely a great time to celebrate with cigars. Before the the little man or princess arrives, you better be running down to your nearest cigar store to grab a few for everyone. If there’s no cigar store in town check your local grocery store and look for a tobacco display
.There should always be at least some type or brands of cigars on display in your local super market and grabbing a few so so quality cigars will be better than not having any at all.

3. New Years Eve

You’re at a club, sitting at a table with friends, drinking scotch and whiskey. It’s a perfect time to smoke that custom tobacco cigar. You’re waiting for the New Year to ring in. It’s the calm before the storm. No better way to enjoy the final few hours of the year than with a custom cigar!

4. Weddings

Another milestone if your life. You’re marrying the girl of your dreams. Your parents are present. Your family is present. But most importantly, your best guy friends are present. Once you say your vows and “I do,” it’s time for you and your buddies to break out those custom cigars. Nothing screams celebration louder than a few puffs of high-quality tobacco leaves. Marriage is a special time in your life. Enjoy it with cigars!

5. Poker Nights

Poker nights are the best time to smoke cigars because you can host them at any time. Invite your friends to dinner and game night on a casual Friday or Saturday. Sit around a table, down some scotch, play some poker and smoke your favorite custom tobacco. You’ll be smoking, drinking and playing cards all night long.

These are some great times to smoke cigars, but of course, a good cigar could come in handy in any setting.

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