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Believe and You Shall Receive

Published by in Blog on June 13th, 2011

Have you ever wondered why some people’s lives are filled with success, wealth, and happiness while others are filled with failure, poverty, and sadness? Or maybe you’ve pondered your own life and wondered why life hasn’t turned out the way you had imagined it would? These are natural questions for many people who had hopes and dreams that seemed to pass them by only to see others enjoying many successes.

When we examine our lives we tend to beat ourselves up wondering what went wrong? Why did friends from high school, people you thought wouldn’t amount to much, stumble upon success while you’re stuck in some dead end job that doesn’t pay enough to live on? The reason most people, especially the ones you thought wouldn’t get any where in life, become successful or seem to be very lucky is because they do one thing different from the rest. And what is that one thing you ask? They think differently than you do!

Whether knowingly or unknowingly these people tend to see themselves as successful or perhaps lucky. And by lucky I mean that they go with the flow expecting good things to happen to them while the rest of society stresses out about finding better work or where the next big break is going to come from. There’s a big difference here that separates those who have success or have good things happening to them versus those who stress and worry all the time.

Examine your thoughts and determine if you are the type that dwells on the negative side of things. It doesn’t have to be complete pessimism but even just a little bit of negativity can throw off the good things that are waiting to come to you. You see, the difference between what your life is versus the people you think get all the lucky breaks is, they know without a doubt good things will happen to them while you’re think less about the good things and more about the bad. That right there is a huge difference. I guarantee if you were to relax a little more and direct more of your thoughts towards the things you want out of life and blocking out the things you don’t want, eventually you’re going to start experiencing a better reality.

It’s not that others are luckier than you or got some big breaks along the way. It’s because they think differently, knowingly or unknowingly. Knowingly means that they intentionally dwell upon the positives. Unknowingly means that deep in the subconscious mind they have always thought about the positives, they’ve always assumed that everything would be OK for them. And if that has always been their natural thought pattern then that was always going to be their future realities.

From now on, block out all the negatives. This may be a little challenging at first but if you persist you will eventually start moving in the direction you want your life to go. Understand that you must let go of the old, negative thought patterns and by stating that these no longer serve you you will start welcoming in the new thought patterns that serve you better.

Try it out and you will be on your way to a less stressful life. Eventually you will become what you consider those other lucky people to be. Have fun with it!!! Imagine yourself as the person you want to be. Think big, nothing is too big for the universe to act on. If you believe with complete faith, you will receive!

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