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Attract More Wealth into Your Life

Published by in Blog on November 4th, 2011

If your like most people you dream of the day that you hit the lottery or a rich relative or friend leaves you with $1,000,000. Then your life would be on easy street….right? I’m here to give you two very important reasons why you shouldn’t wait for your rich relative to keel over and leave you with a ton of money and by understanding these two reasons you will be able to attract wealth into your life now!



You should never depend on others to give you things, especially money. It’s one thing to receive a gift or extra help from parents and friends from time to time, but it’s another thing to wait for some event to take place in order for you to become rich. Like waiting for a rich relative to die or depending on winning the lottery. If you play the lottery than there’s nothing wrong with that. And at some point, especially if you visualize winning the lottery, you probably will hit the big one. But if you wait until that day your wasting a lot of time you could of been manifesting other great desires into your life. And by relying on friends and family to always give you money, your telling the universe that you’re a leaner and can’t do anything for yourself. Eventually, you won’t be able to do things for yourself, more negative situations may come into your life, and your family is going to be so sick of bailing you out all the time, your going to burn your bridge with them and be stuck.

Kia Optima

Kia Optimia

What you need to do right now is become wealthy, be wealthy! How you do this is you develop a feeling inside of true wealth, as if your already wealthy. In order to understand this deeper, think about things that make you feel wealthy inside. Maybe it’s owning your own home, owning a Louis Vuitton Artsy MM handbag or having nice clothes, or having food to eat every day, or having loving family and friends. Do you know how many people would love to be in your shoes? A lot!!!! The more you start to feel wealthy, along with keeping your desires in your thoughts, you eventually will develop what’s called a wealth consciousness. This is how the Law of Attraction starts to work and attracts more wealth to you.

Florida Mansion

Florida Mansion

By becoming wealthy and prosperous in the inside and developing a wealth consciousness, you begin to activate the Law of Attraction in a very powerful way. You start to attract more wealth in your life. All millionaires and successful people do this either consciously or unconsciously. That’s why we see when people like Donald Trump lose their money, within a short period of time they have it back. They have a strong wealth consciousness.

Start today….start building your wealth consciousness. Begin to think of the things you already have in your life to be grateful for and also practice keeping the things you desire in your thoughts as well. By doing so you will start to become wealthy internally. Then by law, you must become wealthy externally. People often mistake that by having a lot of money constitutes them being wealthy. However, it’s the other way around. If your wealthy on the inside and have a wealth consciousness, you will therefore attract material wealth to you. By practicing what I just said in that last sentence, there will be nothing you cannot manifest into your life.

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