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Advantages of Online Account Management

Published by in Blog on July 31st, 2012

Business question- Why is online accounts management better than using installed software?

Whatever the size of your business, it’s always important to manage accounts. In the modern world, online accounts management is highly popular but why is it better than using installed software?


With installed software, you are usually confined to the computer in question. This might seem ideal for home situations but even in this regard you occasionally might want to access your accounts from somewhere else. If you’re on holiday or out of town, for example, it’s still important that you have quick and easy access to your own financial information.

Likewise, if the computer in question was to stop working or otherwise become unavailable, you risk losing not only the software but all your important information too. With an online service, this is all stored somewhere else. As long as you have Internet access, you can regain all this valuable information easily and quickly.

Expert help

Furthermore, whilst software might help you by offering some level of assistance, it doesn’t match the quality of expert knowledge you can gain from an online accounts management service. When needed, these companies have professional accountants on hand to give practical and effective advice.

In a business, this can include various additional services, such as payroll services and other legal issues. In short, this expert help can ensure that you never go wrong with your finances. This, in turn, reduces a great deal of stress on your end. Whether it’s personal finances or those of the business, everyone is much happier and more relaxed knowing that their finances are in safe, professional hands.


Additionally, online services such as those offered by Sage One can have many features automated, in the sense that the company will take care of it for you. Even the best software can only do so much without your constant personal input.

An online service, on the other hand, takes care of a lot of things. Taxes, for instance, can be automatically factored in. This saves you the time and effort, as well as ensuring that they are never forgotten. This also saves you from any legal ramifications and you can relax knowing that you’ve paid you taxes accurately, correctly and on time.

Again, for business purposes, this can be further extended. In a payroll system, for example, you can have the income tax calculated for you. This keeps the company operating legally whilst ensuring that each staff member gets the net figure they’re entitled to.

In conclusion then, there are a multitude of benefits that online services have over installed software. Regardless of your situation, you should find plenty of advantages to online accounts.

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