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Add Enhanced Security to Your Business

Published by in Blog on November 2nd, 2011

These days we all know how valuable security is. Especially when it comes to your employer, the places you frequent, like your bank, the local health club, your dentist office, the community pool, or any other place security needs to be in place. The problem that goes through the head of a lot of poeple is that they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on some complicated system that they have to install and probably won’t install correctly. Problem solved……Introducing the new RFID software controlled door access system with external reader from Ilus Electronics.

RFID technology is quickly becoming a popular choice since the advancement in technology makes a variety of solutions available to any organization. This system also benefits homeowners, doctor offices, community housing, country clubs, unattended 24 hour health clubs, and even small to medium businesses. Plus, with this type of system, your guaranteed to experience:

1) Enhanced security to limit access to restricted areas
2) Tracking employee activity
3) Improve loss prevention
4) Improved control access for drive through community gates
5) Improved control access on door entry ways
6) Compliance to higher internal or government regulated security measures post 9-11 to name just a few.

RFID Access Control System

The RFID Access Control System provides 24 hour access control via PC of up to 30,000 authorized RFID card carriers and logging records of up to 50,000 events. The controller interfaces with the PC via local network or via RS485 bus but could operate as a stand alone with deferred data recovery to the PC via USB interface.

The proposed system utilizes PSK communication and encrypted proximity RFID cards, thus providing much safer and credible protection.

RFID Access Control System Features


* Control Access to facility – office, warehouse, machine shop, Dr. Office etc.
* Access Control to self parking facility
* 30,000 authorized RFID card or KEYFOB carriers
* 50,000 records of in/out traffic and other events
* Integrates with existing home, office network
* Access Control and Time Attendance intuitive software
* Cross check of RFID card and authorized person photo
* System operates all types of electrical locks
* Sophisticated control of authorized people, time shifts and authorized entry groups
* RFID technology does not require card sweeping but bringing card or KEYFOB in proximity with reader.
* System maintains data during power failure
* Easy authorization and cancellation of Access Control
* Accessibility could be aimed to selected entries of a facility.
* Saves money- no need for security personal or attendance at lobbies
* Enhances security

RFID implements a variety of solutions that solve the access control concerns of an organization. These benefits will make an immediate impact and, over time, will improve efficiency and significantly reduce or even eliminate losses. To check out Ilus Electronics RFID Software Controlled Door Access System with External Reader please click here!

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