Want To Be A Winner? Zig Ziglar Will Help Get You There

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If you’re looking for some extra motivation in your life and feel stuck in a rut, then you must grab a Zig Ziglar video or book. Talk about life changing! Zig is one of the most recognized personal development pioneers of our time. If you follow his instruction to the “T” you will experience life changing events fairly quickly. That I promise!! Please watch this video of Zig Ziglar’s “How to be a Winner”!


Business Acquisitions and Mergers

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We all know that it is easier to sell to an existing customer because there is an existing relationship. When you are selling to a new customer, you are actually trying to build the relationship for the first time. The point of that is that there has been a lot of innovation in how to acquire customer, but any particular method of acquiring customers tends to get worse over time.

So, to be able to continuously acquire new customers you have to keep track of your results and make sure you’re getting the most out of the particular acquisition techniques, rather than simply relying on what has worked in the past.


There are much lighter approaches in which you focus your efforts on making a product or service essentially sell itself. Software, media, gaming and web services companies typically use this model as a business model. A basic version of the service or product is given for free and the premium, which includes sophisticated features, carries a charge. Some examples include Pandora, Yammer, Dropbox and Evernote. In the case of freemiums, a sales team would never outright cold call a lead. Instead all of the marketing efforts would be designed to drive website traffic through PR, email blasts, social media or content marketing to get people to try a product for free. This freemium model would then ultimately turn into a paying customer.

In-House Resources

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, we have offices in New York, Boston, and London. Our in-house business development, M&A, transition, legal, real estate, marketing, finance, and operations teams enable us to resolve complex issues quickly. Additionally, our capital strength means deals without financial contingencies, in part due to Platinum Equity Capital Partners Fund I and II: two private equity funds that endow us with $3.45 billion in capital commitments.

Acquisition Solutions

We structure acquisition solutions to help sellers achieve their divestiture objectives. Our sellers typically include corporate sellers shedding non-core assets, public sellers seeking to maximize shareholder value, or private sellers seeking capital and operational support. Robert Joubran and Annie Joubran have developed alternative deal structures to meet the current capital environment. With Platinum, sellers get immediate and flexible solutions to meet their strategies.

Creating Value

Since its founding in 1995, Rob Joubran and his company have completed more than 150 acquisitions in a broad range of market sectors. Our current portfolio includes companies in diverse industries, acquired in a range of corporate divestitures, public-to-private transactions, and transactions with private sellers. We operate each portfolio company independently with the goal of creating long-term, sustainable value.

Referral-Based Acquisition

Another common customer acquisition technique exists through the channel. It is all about partnering with companies who sell complementary products or services to a similar audience. An example of this would be an IT services provider offering a backup solution or a financial adviser offering a 401k product.

There are the five most common approaches companies can use to acquire new customers. For most companies, the overall approach works out to be a blend of the techniques described above. Analytics, and especially predictive analytics, are very good at figuring out what the right mix should be for any given company and how to actually optimize each of the channels.

Best Times to Smoke Cigars

Published by in Blog on October 24th, 2013

Many of us love using tobacco. Whether it be in the form of chew or cigarettes, and even better, cigars, tobacco is widely used by millions across the world. I’ve never been a big cigarette guy but I must admit, I love smoking cigars, especially during special occasions. Below is a list of memorable life events that would be the best time to enjoy a cigar.

1. Graduations

Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school, college, or perhaps grad school and it’s time to celebrate. Just imagine you and your school buddies standing on stage, looking out into a sea of over-excited friends and family. You’re all dressed up in your gown and snazzy black shoes. Once the dean finishes calling all your names, it’s time to whip out those cigars.

2. Birth of a Baby

When you or a family or good friend bring a baby into this world, this is definitely a great time to celebrate with cigars. Before the the little man or princess arrives, you better be running down to your nearest cigar store to grab a few for everyone. If there’s no cigar store in town check your local grocery store and look for a tobacco display
.There should always be at least some type or brands of cigars on display in your local super market and grabbing a few so so quality cigars will be better than not having any at all.

3. New Years Eve

You’re at a club, sitting at a table with friends, drinking scotch and whiskey. It’s a perfect time to smoke that custom tobacco cigar. You’re waiting for the New Year to ring in. It’s the calm before the storm. No better way to enjoy the final few hours of the year than with a custom cigar!

4. Weddings

Another milestone if your life. You’re marrying the girl of your dreams. Your parents are present. Your family is present. But most importantly, your best guy friends are present. Once you say your vows and “I do,” it’s time for you and your buddies to break out those custom cigars. Nothing screams celebration louder than a few puffs of high-quality tobacco leaves. Marriage is a special time in your life. Enjoy it with cigars!

5. Poker Nights

Poker nights are the best time to smoke cigars because you can host them at any time. Invite your friends to dinner and game night on a casual Friday or Saturday. Sit around a table, down some scotch, play some poker and smoke your favorite custom tobacco. You’ll be smoking, drinking and playing cards all night long.

These are some great times to smoke cigars, but of course, a good cigar could come in handy in any setting.

Using a Resume Editing Service Could Mean More Jobs for You

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Submitting any type of resume, school report, or work related documents that are filled with grammatical errors and typos are a bad reflection on your professionalism. When it’s your resume, it can be the ultimate mistake. Everyone knows that your resume should be perfect without any spelling or grammatical errors, but most resumes out there are not perfect.

If you only have one small typo in your resume, chances are that a hiring manager will let it slide, you’re human after all! However, three misspelled words later and your resume is on its way to the rejection pile.

You might’ve been the perfect person for the position, but the multiple errors on your resume are telling the company your interviewing for that you don’t take the time to look over your work, therefore, you’re probably a careless employee. It also tells that you lack the fine details to get the job done correctly. In almost any career, these are not ideal qualities.

Ask Yourself “What am I doing wrong?”

You thought using spellcheck was a great idea, however, it depends on how you use spellcheck. If you type up the document, hit the spellcheck button at the end, and either click Accept or Ignore to the errors that it finds, you are using spellcheck the wrong way.

Spellcheck is an automated program. It does not understand what you are trying to say in each sentence of your resume. You understand what you are trying to say so you should be checking the spelling in the document yourself.

Once you’ve got all of your information typed in, take a break and then return to your resume. Sit down with a clear mind and read the resume aloud to yourself. If you stumble over your words, there is probably something wrong with the wording or the grammar. If you catch a typo or spelling mistake, correct it immediately. If you don’t know the correct spelling, this is the right time to refer to spellcheck.

A friend or colleague to proofread your resume will guarantee that a fresh set of eyes is reviewing the document. This is also a great way to find out what impression your resume will give to a hiring manager. If it looks crowded to your friend, it will likely look crowded to a hiring manager. If the wording is difficult to understand for your friend, it will likely be difficult to understand for a hiring manager.

Another great way to perfect your resume writing skills is to find a resume editing service. Have a professional service that specializes in writing and editing resumes lend a hand. They will be able to pinpoint the spelling and grammar errors and show you what needs to be spiffied up. The great part about using a service like this is you can make a copy of your resume the way you wrote it and then compare it to the final draft the resume editing service completes.

Understandably, you want to get yourself into the job market as fast as possible. However, taking these extra steps will make all the difference. If you are being turned down for jobs, you want it to be because they somehow found a better candidate. You don’t want the reason to be that your resume was weak, or full of errors.

Are You Looking for a Career Change in the Chicago Area?

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These days there is so much routine in day to day life. We get up, eat breakfast, shower, go to work. We get home, we say hi to the family, we eat dinner, then we get ready for bed. The next day we repeat this pattern. Maybe we work at a boring office job, or in some dead end customer service position where counting the hours until check out time is second hand. If you feel like you’re in a dead end career or need an exciting change to your life, perhaps you should consider the exciting world of criminal justice.

With all the crime on the streets of Chicago there are more than enough jobs available. You will never have to worry about this industry going belly-up….as long as there are criminals on the street people will have jobs within law enforcement, within the corrections department, as attorneys, parole officers, FBI and many other areas.

Think about it, being a police officer, or a corrections officer is much more exciting than sitting behind some desk, pumping out reports for your boss all day. In the law enforcement or DOC fields there are countless positions available to keep you on your toes. But before you can get a job as police officer or something equivalent or higher up, you must study and achieve at least an associates degree in criminal justice Chicago.

Going back to school and studying criminal justice will put you on the fast track to your new career. You will know all the ins and outs of law enforcement, corrections department, and what it takes to be successful in these fields. Having this degree will also help you start at a higher pay grade too. If you’re tired of the same old boring routine each day then look into a new career in criminal justice. This may be the job you’ve always dreamed of!

Feeling is the Key

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If you haven’t gotten closer to your goals yet, then something within you is off. More than likely it’s your energy. Everything you see around you, including your own body, is made up of energy. The reason things look different from each other is due to the rate of speed in which it’s vibrating at.

I guess you could say we are all magnets vibrating at different speeds. If your body is vibrating at low energy levels, you attract things that match that vibration. If your body is vibrating at high energy pitches, you attract things that match that level.

When it comes to your goals, your vibrational energy should match the level in which that goal would make you feel if you had already achieved it. The key to speeding up the manifestation process of your goals is to start getting your energy vibrations up to the level in which your goals would make you feel. You also want to think in terms of already accomplishing the specific goal. We always need to live in the now, so do not think of your goals in a “future” tense. You must act as if you already have that goal now.

Start practicing increasing your vibrational energy by following these three steps:

1) Find a place to relax where you won’t be disturbed.

2) Relax and close your eyes. Begin to see yourself with whatever goal you intend to achieve.

3) Feel how already having that goal now, in your possession, makes you feel. Try to be a descriptive as possible. GEt that energy way up until you almost feel as if you’re on a natural high.

This is all you have to do. Practice makes perfect and by doing so I guarantee you will start manifesting your goals much faster.

How Divorce Fee’s Get Paid in Texas

Published by in Blog on January 24th, 2013

Lewisville divorce lawyer can cost an “arm and a leg” in the form of attorney’s fees. This is especially the case if no agreement can be reached and the divorce matter eventually is decided through a multi-day trial. What if one parent or spouse has a much greater income than the other, and has greater ability to pay attorney’s fees? Or, what if one parent or spouse is pursuing relief from the Court that he or she clearly is not entitled to, forcing the other parent or spouse to incur unreasonable and unnecessary attorney’s fees to defend him or herself?

These are the two situations where Texas Courts in family law cases can order one party to pay to the other party an amount as reimbursement for, or a contribution towards the other party’s attorney’s fees. These two situations are commonly referred to as (1) need-based attorney’s fees; and (2) and conduct based attorney’s fees, and are codified in the Texas Statutes.

Need-based attorney’s fees are awarded if there is a substantial disparity in the parties’ incomes and the Court finds that the one party has the means to pay the other party’s attorneys fees, the other party does not have the means to pay the attorney’s fees, and an award of attorney’s fees is necessary to allow the other party to make a good faith assertion of that party’s rights in the Texas divorce or other family law proceeding. In such a case, the Court will award the Lewisville divorce attorney fees, costs, and disbursements in an amount necessary to enable a party to carry on, or contest the family law proceeding.

Conduct-based attorneys fees are awarded against a party who unreasonably contributes to the length or expense of the Texas divorce or family law proceeding without a finding of either party’s need or ability to pay the attorney’s fees. Such conduct based attorney’s fees are awarded if a party is pursuing a frivolous or meritless claim, the party fails to appear in Court or for a scheduled deposition, a party fails to respond to discovery requests, or the party simply engages in vexatious litigation that forces the other party to incur attorney’s fees to defend.

Denton County Lawyers fee’s can also be awarded if the parties expressly stipulated to it in their divorce decree or other family law order. For instance, they could stipulate that one party shall pay a credit card debt as part of a divorce and shall indemnify and hold harmless the other party, and that if the party failed to pay the credit card debt the other party could recover reasonable attorney’s fees in a post-decree motion in connection with enforcing the divorce decree. In such a case, the parties created a contractual provision to provide for an award of attorney’s fees. This is consistent with the principle known as the “American Rule.” In the United States, generally each party to a civil lawsuit is responsible for paying his or her own attorney’s fees, unless a statutory or contractual provision provides otherwise. The ability to order need-based and conduct-based attorney’s fees in family law proceedings is via the Texas family law statutes; the ability to order attorney’s fees in the above-example would be based on the parties specifically contracting for an award of attorney’s fees.

Protecting Your Finances During a Divorce

Published by in Blog on November 30th, 2012

As most of us are probably well aware of these days, about half of all first marriages now end in divorce. But did you know that the divorce rate is even higher – about 65 percent – for second marriages? Currently, about 24 out of every 1,000 second (or later) marriages ends in divorce, compared to 17 out of 1,000 first marriages.

So what does this mean for people who are considering getting married for the second time? Certainly, a higher probability of divorce should not stop you from entering into a second marriage. However, you should take a few necessary precautions to protect your finances and your future. Your Westerville OH divorce lawyers should advise you on the precautions that will benefit you most.

If your second marriage ends in divorce, there is a greater possibility of long-term financial harm. This is because, after a first divorce, you may simply have fewer assets to divide, especially if you are still paying child support and alimony from your first divorce. In addition, you may have had to split up your retirement account or pension, and any additional cuts that are taken from those funds could leave you woefully under prepared for the future.

Further, the current economic climate means that the assets upon which you previously relied – a house, for example – may no longer be a benefit, but an additional burden that will hinder you following your second divorce.

Thankfully, there is a way to protect yourself from these financial hardships: a prenuptial agreement. Even if you don’t have significant assets, it may serve you to create a simple contract stating the assets that each spouse is bringing into the marriage and that each will take from it in the event of divorce, including retirement accounts, college funds and various other assets.

Plan for Retirement

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Planning For Retirement

There are many benefits to retirement, such as having plenty of free time available. However, like many things, retirement is something that’s best planned in advance. The better you plan for your retirement, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it.

To this end, here are a few factors that you might want to consider. Whether it’s the financial side of retirement, or simply making your house more suitable, there are plenty of areas that are often best looked into sooner rather than later.


Retirement is, of course, the period in your life where you generally don’t work. As such, you are often left to live on your pension and/or savings. You may find that you will have a limited weekly budget of some form.

Planning ahead, of course, you want to save as much money as you can, or put it into pension plans for when this time occurs. None the less, when you get to this point, you need to learn to budget. Shopping and utility bills can be expensive; learning how to effectively reduce both will save you plenty of money.

The more money you save, of course, the more you can spend elsewhere. With additional cost cutting methods, such as utilising a senior citizens pass for public transport, you can save lots of money, which can be put into better enjoyment and prosperity throughout your retirement.

A Suitable Home

As you get older, there are a lot of natural changes in the body than can occur. Notably, certain typical tasks will start to become more difficult. Walking is a prime example; mobility is an issue that may well need to be addressed.

To this end, if you find the likes of walking a problem, you may also find using the stairs to be worse. This is because it puts pressure and weight on the knees, in addition to the amount of bending joints required.

To combat this, you should look into having a stairlift installed. This is a simple process, and can be very cost effective too. If you need any help with this, a stairlift advisor will be happy to help. Put simply a stairlift is just a motorised chair that runs along a rail. It doesn’t require any changes in your home, yet it provides a comfortable and pain free method of traversing the staircase.

Free Time

Finally, don’t forget to actually enjoy yourself. Once you start to save money, and you have the likes of stairlifts making you as comfortable as possible within your own home, you will undoubtedly be left with plenty of free time.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, so it helps to get out and do things. Socialising is important, after all. There are various things you can do, from social events to making the most of any senior citizen discounts and promotions available. In short, as comfortable as your home may be, never forget that you need to get out once in a while.

How to Choose The Best Reverse Mortgage Lender

Published by in Blog on November 23rd, 2012

There are many reverse mortgage lenders out there who claim to be the best, or an expert, and can help you accomplish your mortgage goals, but how do you know your specialist knows what they are doing? We have constructed a check list here for you to review before deciding which reverse mortgage specialist you are going to trust your business with.

1) How much experience does this lender have in the reverse mortgage area?

2) How many loans have they done?

3)Does the mortgage company have the proper state and federal licensing?

4)How is this lenders sponsor?

5)Do they accept all property types? Homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes?

6)Will they help you determine which loan program suits your needs best?

Follow these tips and this will help you find the proper reverse mortgage specialist. You can never be too careful and when it comes to your home, having the right team behind you is very important.

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